radial pump BB4

radial pump BB4



radial pump BB4 Radial split horizontal single casing multistage pump


BB4 pump is radially split, two-end supported, guide vane type, first-stage single-suction or double-suction, single-casing, horizontal multi-stage centrifugal pump, suitable for pumping various clean, neutral or corrosive media. The pump can also be used for pumping flammable, explosive or toxic media including LPG.

This series of pumps meets the API 610 10th/API 610 11th edition.

The pumps are suitable for petroleum refining, petrochemical engineering, coal chemical engineering, electric power, mining and metallurgy, papermaking, desalination, offshore platform, marin engineeringe and civil water supply, and other industries; typical working conditions are for using as high-pressure boiler feedwater pumps, gas water pumps, ash water pumps, mine well drainage pumps for mining and metallurgical industry, and civilian high-rise water supply pumps, etc.